DSC00583A great week in Eastbourne 

My class and I were in Eastbourne from May 9th to May 16th. It was a really cool trip! We went by plain for one and a half hour. This was my first flight and it was amazing! I thought that it would not be safe and so I was really afraid. I sat in the same row with Sabin and Melisa. I had a spectacular view because I sat next to the window. We arrived  at Eastbourne at six o’clock, then the host family took us home.

The host family was a very kind and pleasant. The name of our host family was Tam Nightingale. She had two daughters, the girls were 6 and 8 years old.
On the first day in Eastbourne we were at school in the morning. We had two teachers, Julia and John they were so funny and friendly. We learnt a lot of interesting things. In the afternoon we went sightseeing to Eastbourne. After that we were at Beachy Head, it was really beautiful there. I loved it! In the evening we had supper with our hosts.
In my opinion the food in England is terrible, it is very fatty and it tastes really bad. The food in Austria is healthier than there.
The following day we were also at school but that school day was really boring because I was so tired. After that we were in Hastings at the Smuggler´s Adventure and we learnt a lot about History. For me it was a little bit boring because I’m not interested in History. 
We were in London the next two days. On the first day it was raining and we were at Madame Tussaud’s. I was astonished because of  some of the wax figures. They were exactly formed and made with love. I would like to make awax figure of someone elf because I think it would be great fun. After that we went shopping at Piccadilly Circus. I didn’t buy anything because a lot of things were overpriced.
On the second day we visited The London Dungeon and it was the best I have ever seen. It was so scary and cool. After that we were very hungry, so we bought Fish and Chips for £ 11. The fish didn’t taste good but the chips were OK. The price was too high. In the afternoon we had a “Hop on Hop off-Tour" through London by bus, it was really interesting to see all the sights. In the evening we went home by bus.
On the fifth day we were in Brighton and at the Brighton Pier. In my opinion Brighton is an ugly city. I don’t like this city because the food there wasn’t good and the pier was also strange. I went by a big dipper. This was really cool and I liked it very much.
On the last day we were at school until half past twelve, after that we had free time. My friends and I went shopping and we bought a lot of things. In the evening all the students met at the Pier in Eastbourne. We had a lovely time there.
All in all this trip was really cool and great fun. I learnt a lot of new things.

written by Wiktoria Gliszynska (4b)